The ultimate casino bonus guide – Learn all the tricks!

Online casinos offer first deposit bonus, wherein new players receive a certain percentage of their first deposit to attract players to create accounts on their site. This casino bonus guide will help you understand everything there is to know.

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement refers to the number of times you will have to play the bonus before you can withdraw it. A minimum initial deposit is usually necessary to trigger the bonus, and some cases require players to send a formal request for the bonus. Otherwise, the bonus is deposited automatically in the accounts. However, the wagering requirements vary depending on what the casino requires. Some require you to wager your bonus, and some require you to wager both your bonus and your initial deposit.

Using the first deposit bonus allows you to play longer and increase your probability of winning. However, casinos implement restrictions to protect themselves from player abuse. Some online casinos also impose additional restrictions such as putting caps on your winnings and having cash out limits. You should also be aware of the deposit options, withdrawal methods, and restrictions on US players applied by the casinos. To fully understand the restrictions applied by the casinos, you must read the terms and conditions they implement.

In choosing the best first deposit bonus, you shall consider the following:

  • The percentage of the match
  • The maximum bonus
  • The wagering requirements
  • The casino’s reputation

Finally, before you avail the bonus, make sure that you will not need the money anytime soon, as your deposit will be untouchable until the availing period.

No Deposit Bonus

As its name pitches, players do not need to make any deposits to get this reward “No Deposit Bonus”. Once players sign up with an online casino, they receive the bonus. Usually, casinos offer bonuses that are just enough for starters to try out the games. Online casinos, by offering this bonus, aims to make the player a full pledged member by depositing money into his account after having tried the games.

Variations of this bonus include free virtual chips and free spins on selected virtual machines, and free play is an alternative.

No Deposit BonusPlayers, before using the bonuses, shall understand the terms and conditions applied by the casinos to avoid wasting and losing money. Casinos implement certain rules to protect the casino itself from player abuse. You can find the terms and conditions, along with the general guidelines of the casino on their sites.

To withdraw the bonus, players shall possess identification cards and shall be aware of the payment method employed by the casino.

It is good to take advantage of the bonus so that players can explore the casino without risking their money. However, before doing so, they must understand the rules, familiarize themselves with the interface and study the games.

To find the best “no deposit” casinos, players shall consider the following:

  • Wagering requirements
  • Familiarity with the games
  • Leniency of the rules
  • Other bonuses and promotions offered
  • Accessibility of the casino
  • Reputation of the casino

The bottom line is players shall use their no deposit bonus to risk-free explore the casino while having fun.

Match Bonus

Online casinos offer bonuses to new players to encourage them to continue playing. Every casino has its terms and conditions specifically applied to whatever bonus they offer.

How Does It Work?

Casinos often offer bonuses as a percentage match, but they have caps or limits so you cannot play at casinos with just the bonuses. To understand how the bonus programs of a casino work, you must read the terms and conditions applied, especially the part that discusses the wagers.

First Deposit Bonus

First Deposit Bonus

This strategy requires the player to deposit money in exchange for a bonus equivalent to a certain fraction of the amount deposited.

No Deposit Bonus

Online casinos employ this technique “No Deposit Bonus” to attract new players to sign up and make their first deposit. Some casinos offer virtual chips as a form of “no discount” offer, and some give “free plays”.

Casino Match Bonus

Match Bonus

This is used to attract new members and to encourage them to play continuously. Another form of this is the “reload bonus” which is only for the old players to make them deposit in their accounts regularly.


Before claiming the bonus, make sure that you understand the waging requirements and the terms and conditions of the casino. Be sure also that the casino is a legit one.

Free Spins

To encourage players to make another deposit, online casinos offer free spins wherein players do not have to pay. Free spins often have limitations and are subject to wagering requirements. This is also the nest bonus scheme for those who just want to try and experience the casino games.


In a casino tournament, players compete against one another. This brings more customers to play in the casino and is a form of bonus for the casino’s top players.

The features of a casino tournament include player’s entry fee, games, rules for the tournament, and strategies of the players.

Free Plays

Bonuses in free plays are only available for a certain time limit. Players also need to make the required deposit and satisfy the wager requirements to withdraw their winnings.

Cash Back

A certain percentage of the deposit made by the player, who is deemed eligible to receive the bonus, is given back to him on account of the money that he lost. Rules on this bonus strategy vary depending on the casino.

Guide on casino free spins

If you want to try out slot machine games at online casinos without spending money, the Free Spins are best for you.

Free Spins

How Do Free Spins Work?

Certain games offer free spins wherein your account is not charged, and your winnings are deposited into a separate bonus account.

How to Win Using Free Spins

Casinos set conditions, and sometimes these have deadlines, that you have to meet before you can access your winnings.

Why Do Casinos Offer Free Spins Bonuses?

Online casinos use this strategy to attract new players, to encourage them to play longer, and to reward their loyalty. However appealing free spins are, you must practice responsible money management and meet the conditions of the casinos.

Free Spins Terms and Conditions

For a better understanding of Free Spins, you must read and understand the Terms and Conditions applied by the casinos. Some casinos have a separate set of Bonus Terms that are specific to the free spins and reload bonuses to protect the casino itself and to avoid “bonus abuse”.

Tips for Maximising Your Free Slots Bonus

When signing up for a bonus, choose the one that will give you the most benefit and read the terms and conditions applied by the casino. Then study and practice the games that offer free slot bonuses on.

Casino tournaments

During a casino tournament, players can interact by competing against one another and eventually win prizes. Casino tournaments are classified into two types – the scheduled tournament and the sit-and-go tournament. Participants have to pay entry fees commonly.

How a casino tournament works depends on the game to be played. The most common games played in a tournament are slots, pokers, and blackjacks.

Casino Tournaments

Before joining a casino tournament, a player must first consider the buy-in money and entry fees that are allocated in the prize pot. Then he shall practice in a smaller tournament first to lessen the risk of losing money. He shall also find a peaceful place where he can be comfortable and undistracted. The player’s computer software must also be upgraded so he can respond as quickly as possible. The last is for the player to have fun while playing simply. The best winning strategies differ depending on the game to play.

Lastly, and one of the most important things to do for a player before signing up for an online casino tournament is to read and understand the casino’s applied terms and conditions. These terms state the responsibilities of the players, and of the casino. It also states the game rules.

Free play casino bonus guide – What you need to know before placing your first bet

Free play, a bonus type that has higher free money to play with and don’t take much time, is the best option for players who are just trying out the casinos.

Free Play Casino

You should know the following before claiming a free play bonus:

  • You do not need to make a deposit to play and accumulate winnings. However, you must satisfy the wager requirements and make the required deposit first so you can withdraw.
  • A free play bonus has a time limit.
  • The wager requirement of free play bonus is the necessary number of times a player must place bets before he can withdraw the money in his account.
  • You may need to download a casino software so you can play.
  • You must be aware of the differences of the free money amounts, deposit required, and wagering requirements before playing.
  • The Play through Value refers to the fraction of the bet that the casino will pay if the player wins.
  • Your computer should meet the minimum spec requirements of casino software.
  • The usual age limit is 18. However, some casinos consider the legal age of the majority of the players.
  • Casinos accept different payment methods.
  • Proof of identity and address is usually necessary.
  • Some bonuses are nationality-restricted.
  • You can find the instructions on making a deposit in the online casino’s website.

Players are encouraged to be more aggressive, to place small bets, and to play games with big payouts so they could play the games right.

Security – Be Safe

For your security, avoid the following:

  • Blacklisted Casinos
  • Improbable jackpot results
  • Games with “unfair house edge.”
  • Non-full-pay video poker games
  • Online casino scams

For greater casino experience, here are some additional tips:

  • Make sure that the casino has a license to operate.
  • Practice playing casino games through downloading free games.
  • Avoid flashy machines or games.

Study and learn the language used in casinos

Cash back rewards

Cash Back Bonus

Cash back rewards is a technique that the casinos use to earn patronage from players and to reward their loyalty. In this program, you receive a rebate amounting to a certain percentage of the amount you paid through your card – may it be in actual cash or reward points; thus, encouraging you to use your card more often.

Online casinos are known to apply this strategy to encourage players to make more wagers. The amount of cash back they receive are tied up to their playing activities.

How it works

The following are the different cash back rewards scheme employed by various online casinos:

  • Cash Back on Losses
  • The Cash Back on Total Bets
  • Cash Back Rewards for VIP Members

However, the reward points may have expiration dates or may be available only to specific games. Players shall also consider the rules applied in availing these bonuses to avoid the risk of losing money.

Terms and conditions

For your security, it is a must that you always read and understand the terms and conditions applied to the cash back reward programs, the general rules and regulations implemented in the casinos, and the payment methods accepted in the casinos.