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Online games have been predominant these days. It’s a good source of fun, excitement and extra income for gamblers. One of the most popular online gaming platforms is Karamba.

Karamba is an online gaming site that was launched in 2005. It’s attractive and colourfully designed homepage displays their most famous games. The games are followed by detailed descriptions and explanation stated in there. Each game is designed with visually enticing layouts and patterns; that will give you an inviting feeling to explore more and give it a try. Plus, their various premium offers, rewards and prizes will surely convince you to play and try their different slot games.


You’ll experience a quick throwback to your childhood days with Karamaba’s website design. Because it is filled with different colourful, eye-catching and light-hearted layout. Its user-friendly page is easy to navigate with the help of its various pop-up buttons, available instructions, and informative contents. You’ll surely learn how to blend with the system in no time.

The page is subdivided into different parts with a drop down menu for each respective part that automatically shows once the section name was clicked. Its main section consists of:


Karamba Homepage

It displays the different games that they offer designed with different cartoon imaged background that will surely attract the attention of potential players. It also contains information regarding their recent winners starting with names, location, time and amount of winnings.


Who could resist their different promotional offers?

Karamba Casino Promotions

Welcome package:

This set is automatically given to newbies. It consists of 100% match up bonus+ 100 total spins in your first 3 days of being a member.

Imagine, if you deposit a hundred grand, then you’ll get another hundred grand for free. Isn’t it amazing? It’s not only that, you may also get bingo deposit bonus, if you deposit with the maximum amount, you will certainly get £400 worth of chances to win the jackpot. Oh and not to mention the free 100 spins. It’s raining with bonuses, offers and freebies in Karamba baby!

Daily Karamba:

Start your day with their free spins and bonuses plus they also give different offers and giveaways to members every day.

Loyalty Rewards:

They call it as friends with benefits, a reward where they give extra gifts, tournaments, and giveaways for being a loyal member.

Lush Bonuses:

They give bonuses to members randomly with their all night bonus bash. If you think that’s all they’ve have, check out their wild chat bonuses where bonuses are outrageously abundant.

Monthly Cashback Prize:

This feature makes them stand out from their counterparts because its concept is to pay you to play their games. You can never find this from the others.

Free spins:

They give lots of free spins as a token of gratitude to players on their top paid games. This means more chances of winning!

Mobile Casino:

Karamba Mobile Casino

You’ll never miss the fun at Karamba because they made it accessible to you with their mobile application. Bring the fun with you anytime, anywhere. With the app, you could easily check new bonuses and get them immediately before it expires. Plus you’ll love their gambling magazines that are jam-packed with all the tricky online quizzes, hottest entertainment news, tips and cheats for gamblers, game plans, and a lot more.

How to get the Karamba Mobile Application

There are 2 ways in acquiring Karamba’s mobile application quickly. Either by scanning their QR code which you may get by accessing their website and you’ll find the code under the mobile casino section or via email wherein, you need to enter your valid address so the system could send you a link to the mobile application. You may also get Karamba mobile app in Google App store.

Demo Play

They help prospect and newbies learn the system operations and games through demo play where you may play without risking your money. This is like a trial or practice game where mistakes are tolerable. This helps prospect players learn and ready themselves before formally joining or playing for real.

You will also see the brand endorser of Karamba, a blue parrot mascot which adds visual charm to the total homepage design. But do you know what makes this site as one of the customer’s top choice? It’s free spins and games are its ultimate determining factor. This gives prospective customers the idea on how the system works and tempts them in playing some more. Karamba is just like candy; you can’t resist its pull once you tried it.

Registration Process

They made their registration process simple and straightforward. Simply visit their website and click the open account option. A pop-up box that contains the first part of the registration form will appear, and you need to enter your correct details such as email, desired username and password in each field and once completed, click the Continue button. The second part of the registration process is the set up your account page wherein you will be required to enter your information and at the put a check on the boxes if you want to receive special bonus offers and if you fully understands and agree with Karamba’s terms and conditions and once all required fields has been filled out, then click the continue button.

Karamba uses English as their base medium, but if you wish to change the language, you may do it by clicking the English button located at the right section of their homepage.

Security Policy

Aspire Global LTD, the owner of Karamba, is a registered online game and mobile application games operator registered in Malta. In line with information security, the company strongly implements tight non-disclosure of personal information policy with another third party website. You may see other websites mentioned or linked to Karamba, but it is only done to inform and not to advertise. Other third-party sites have their privacy and security policy.

Game Security

ASG Technologies, the owner of Karamba, is a legally registered and licensed gaming operator in Lotteries and Gaming Authorities in Malta. They conduct regular maintenance and quality check on their Random Number Generator or RNG to ensure fairness and accuracy. Karamba is approved and certified by the iTech Laboratory. They also use a 128 bit SSL encryption security technology to secure their members’ banking and personal information.

Customer Service

An informative customer support in the form of an FAQ is accessible 24/7. These are composed of questions regarding the system’s usual operation followed by detailed and informative answers so if you can’t reach their customer support representatives, try checking their FAQ’s.

But if you need to talk to professionals or you want to raise a complicated issue, you may use their customer chat service.

Karamba’s customer support uses the CARE slogan which stands for Customers Are Really Everything. They accommodate complaints and inquiries between 8 am to 1 am CET time through their chat service.

You may also reach Karamba’s customer support through emails and telephone. Rest assured that they will get back to you within 24 hours.

Fair Play Policy

Karamba knows very well that they owe their popularity and prosperity to their Fair Play that’s why they continue and strictly implements these policies:

When Karamba releases a new game, the system automatically creates numerous games corresponding to the list of different prizes giving every player a 1 out of 3 chance of winning.

For security reasons and fair play purposes, every player can choose the type of game they want to play, but they will be randomly provided with unique games.

We proactively inform our players regarding the Big Prized Cash Out series. So before they choose a game, they already know what’s the jackpot prize that in store for them. You wouldn’t feel like you are blinded while playing the game with an uncertain prize at the end.

You may view your banking history and game history anytime. To do so, visit the Karamba lobby and click the History button. You will re-evaluate your previous activities and games that you’ve played followed by detailed information regarding date, time, card price, specified game results, and banking history comprising of a detailed subdivision of every cashout and deposit you made.

VIP Programs

Karamba has an awesome rewards program that moment you start playing. You don’t earn points by winning instead they credit points to member regardless if they win or loss. Every bet counts and casino rewards it with a corresponding bonus point which you may convert into free bonus cash. Their laddered VIP program allows players to earn more bonus points and get more benefits as their VIP status progresses.

Karamba Casino VIP Programs

New Member VIP Program

Newbies will also get their VIP benefits such as a welcome package, 35 reward point redemption rate, fast cash out process and a birthday bonus.

Bronze VIP

Upon earning 10 points, you will qualify for Bronze VIP status where you’ll get 25 free games, 30 point redemption rate, fast cash out process, birthday bonus, 5 free play Sunday games and an exclusive entry to exclusive VIP tournaments.

Silver VIP

You need to earn a total of 60 points to reach the Silver VIP level. But all your hard work will reward you with 50 free games upon level up. You will get a 28 point redemption rate, fast cash out process, birthday bonus, 10 free play Sunday games and access to exclusive VIP tournaments.

Gold VIP

Once you earn a total of 350 points, you will get a Gold VIP status promotion where you will gain 50 free games plus a 50% extra bonus, 25 point reward redemption rate, fast cash out process, birthday bonus, 20 free play Sunday games and access to exclusive VIP live tournaments.

Platinum VIP

All you need is to reach a total of 1000 points to qualify for this VIP status level where a 3-day welcome package awaits you. You will get a €50 bonus on your 1st day, bonuses on all deposits on the 2nd day, and an exclusive cash back offers on the 3rd day. You will also get a 23 reward point redemption rate. If you think that our fast cash out is the quickest, then try reaching the Platinum VIP status where you’ll gain Express access on cash outs. A birthday bonus and unlimited access to VIP live tournaments are still in store for you plus you’ll get a 40 free play Sunday games, higher deposit and cash out limit, personalised offer, personal account manager, and 1 monthly cash back benefit.

Premium VIP

Unlike another VIP status, the premium level requires an exclusive personal invitation for you to gain access and benefits on its programs. You will get a 3-day welcome package once you become a member of this VIP status. As for day 1, you will get a €100 cash bonus, an upgraded bonuses on all deposits on the 2nd day and personal offer from your account manager on the 3rd day. You will have a 20 reward point redemption rate, an express cash out process, birthday bonus, 50 free play Sunday games, access to exclusive live VIP tournaments, increased cash out and deposit limit, personalised offers, a personal account manager (PAM) and 2 monthly cash back benefit.

Prestige VIP

This is the highest VIP status in Karamba, and you can only upgrade your status through an exclusive personal invitation only. But all the hard work will pay off with its overly amazing benefits. For the welcome package, you will get bonuses on your first 3 days. A €100 cash bonus will be credited to your account on day 1, then followed by 50 free prestige games on the 2nd day and a personal offer from your account manager on the 3rd day. You will also gain a 15 reward point redemption rate that is the lowest among the rest of the programs.

Other prestige offers are up to your disposal such as an express cash out process, birthday bonus, a 50 free play Sunday games, access to exclusive live VIP tournaments, higher deposit and cash out limits, personalised offers, a personal account manager and a 3 monthly cash back benefit.

Game Strategy

Aside from the high chance of winning on its 1 out of three luck rate; Karamba also provides game strategies that will help players win the jackpot. Under the slot strategy section, you will find 2 basic online strategies that you can master in 5 minutes.

Karamba’s 2 Rules of Thumb

  1. Enjoy the Game– You will learn everything as long as you have an interest in doing it. The Same concept applies with online games. Once you find interest in playing it, you’ll surely enjoy the thrills and excitement that it brings. You will then develop the urge to build an effective plan on how to win the games.
  2. Check out the Payout– The game itself will not tell you how big/small the payout is. However, don’t worry, you’ll find it out by checking the pay lines. Remember, in online slot games, the more the pay lines means, the higher chances of winning.

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