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You know you have come across the ultimate casino experience; when you find yourself having fun with lots of game offerings, getting free spins, and being treated like a VIP. Sounds swell, right? That is what you would certainly look for in a casino. The Spinit Casino has most of these features as described later in the post.

Well, such an experience might be hard to come by. Moreover, it may take a while for you to find it. But you can start looking at places that you don’t normally explore.

Does that sound ridiculous? If you know your way around casinos; it may be because the ultimate playing experience is not expected of a casino that has only recently been opened. After all, your first instinct in playing is to go to the established, better-known casinos, right?

Though, for that just might make you miss out on the newest and possibly hottest casinos in town. In this age of innovation and industry shakers; however, you will never know if the ultimate playing experience is just around the corner if you do not try new casinos.

Opened only in 2016, Spinit is one such relatively new online casino. Though it is new, it brings a lot to the table regarding free spins and game offerings. These and the dynamic playing ground and customer service; it gives are why it became the best new casino in its first year of operation.

A quick tour around its website will not fail to impress even the staunchest supporters of others casinos. From the get-go, Spinit stuns with its colourful, engaging features and with the wide variety of online game offerings; that are enough to entice any avid casino player to start playing immediately.

For some, Spinit might seem like a casino that has been operating for quite a long time now. This is a good sign. Because that only means that the casino exudes an aura of competitiveness and authority when it comes to gaming. This is very understandable; for it is managed by Genesis Global Limited, the owner of other online casinos with generally favourable reviews.

What then makes the Spinit click as a whole?

VIP Program

The first factor is its VIP program. In an attempt to keep people wanting more of Spinit’s services; the online casino advises its players to constantly check their messages for a big announcement. The announcements are regarding its VIP program. No one knows what the program exactly consists of. But it is bound to amaze its loyal players. Some of what Spinit promises to give if you avail their VIP package. It includes exclusive offers, upgraded customer support, birthday surprises, cash back deals, and other gifts.

Spinit VIP Program

That is not all, for Spinit. It also plans to hold a Monthly Prize Draw where all VIP players will get a bonus spin. One lucky player will get his hands on the prize.

Free Spins And More

More than the promising VIP package, Spinit also offers a welcome bonus. The welcome bonus consists of 1,000 dollars and 200 free spins when you sign up with them. Furthermore, after you make an initial deposit you get extra bonuses of course. Upon your first deposit, you get 200 free spins and up to 200 dollars in bonuses. On your second deposit, you also get to avail up to 200 dollars in bonuses. On your third and fourth deposit, you get to have a 25% bonus with a maximum amount of 300 dollars.

Spinit Welcome Bonus and Spins

In addition, you are only allowed to use up to 20 spins every 24 hours. These should be used up within the day because they don’t carry over to the next. It all sounds like a lot to take note of. But still, if that does not sound like a really attractive deal, I don’t know what does.

Bonus Offers

With its weekly bonus offerings, Spinit seems to want to outdo itself and surprise its loyal spinners constantly. It has promotions spread out throughout the week for avid players. Every Monday, you can avail an account reload of up to 100 dollars when you make a deposit.

On Wednesdays, an offer becomes available to those who have made deposits or who have been involved in a game within the past seven days. According to their website, this involves getting a free spin, and a reload on the week’s game.

Spin it Free Spin

Meanwhile, every Friday is a chance to take an end-of-the-week round, where you can avail up to 100 dollars in bonuses and 20 free spins when you make a minimum deposit.

These weekly bonuses go to show that Spinit is a dynamic playing ground that doesn’t run out of surprises for its players. More than that, it shows the playing ground it wants to establish. It wants to be a place for people to not only have fun but also get the most out of their membership (and deposits) in the online casino.

Game Offerings At Spinit

Another good point that Spinit obviously has is that it understands the online casino market. Immediately, Spinit tries to get on the good side of players – both new and experienced – by showcasing an impressive array of more than 1,200 games.

You heard that right! They have over 1,200 games from various genres, themes, and mechanics, and for all sorts of people with different tastes and inclinations. With all these games, there is bound to be the perfect game just for you – one that you will definitely get engrossed in for hours at a time.

Spinit Casino Games

Here is a list of games that you can play on the site. There are many variations of classic games such as poker, bingo, and roulette. The more than 1,200 games are subject to change, though, as Spinit constantly updates its game offerings to bring you the best in the online casino playing. There is a good chance that you will thoroughly enjoy these games so that you can take your pick from any of them.

Multiple Language And Currency Support

Featuring world-class customer service, Spinit’s customer support and contact system is available in various languages to cater to a global audience. This makes Spinit really accessible to people from all corners of the world. In addition, it gives the impression that it is not limiting itself only to players from the United States.

Meanwhile, another good thing about Spinit is that it supports a wide variety of currencies, making payment from the different parts of the world easier and more manageable. The Frequently Asked Questions section of the site lists the currencies it supports, which include more than fifteen currencies that ensure that wherever you are in the world, you can definitely transact with Spinit.

Style And Branding

What neatly ties all of Spinit’s promotions and offering together? It is Spinit’s colourful and apt branding! The site layout and design definitely speak of a lifestyle geared towards having fun and, if luck is on your side, earning some cash. It is effective because it is aesthetically pleasing and attractive to players who want to have a good time playing online.

The website unfolds like a menu of choices that showcase the best that Spinit has to offer: games, promotions, and bonuses. Because of this, the player – either a potential one or already active – feels encouraged to take his pick from the array of activities presented to him.

The first thing the site visitor sees is the announcement for the free spins for first-time depositors. This gives the impression that Spinit understands what players want to get from the site. This also makes them appear magnanimous and willing to shell out spins for the enjoyment of new customers.

After seeing that announcement, what players see next is the more than 1,200 games the site has for players. This gives the impression that people can go all-out in playing and still have games and gimmicks left to explore further. This is important especially in a site that offers only one service (casino playing) because it adds a dynamic and engaging feel to the casino.

Customer Service

Spinit’s customer support systems is efficient and accommodating, and this is to their advantage. This is one of the most important factors behind a top notch customer relationship management system.

On some Spinit reviews on certain websites, Spinit representatives actually replied to comments from both people who gave positive reviews and even those who used the section to complain about the casino’s services or operations. This is good because it shows that Spinit can stay on top of its customer service job despite the various activities it manages on its site. Plus, it shows that it can handle customer dissatisfaction well.

Points For Improvement

This may seem like a minor point, but it is a point nonetheless: Spinit needs to work on the mobile accessibility of the site. While it does have a mobile application for those who would like to play on the go, Spinit does not offer the same flexibility as it does on a desktop or laptop computer. It offers no payment options via phone, and this is something they should work on so that more people can transact easily with them.

In addition, despite the wide selection of game offerings on the casino, it offers no exclusive playing opportunities. No games are available exclusively for avid or experienced players. This can be considered a loss because exclusive games pose a chance for avid players to feel valued and important in the casino. This is a point for improvement because Spinit has to learn how to keep its valued customers.

One thing Spinit players must duly and carefully take note of is the tricky terms and conditions. This can cost you money or force you into accepting results you were not aware of in the first place. On a review of Spinit on the website gamblingsites.com, the comments section was filled with vitriol from players who either lost money or who failed to avail bonuses that were promised to them by the casino.

Perhaps one can say that these people might not have read the terms and conditions placed below each offer and bonus mechanics, but the fact that there were several people who made comments about Spinit cheating them is not something to be ignored.


While relatively new, Spinit undeniably packs a lot of punch when it comes to game offerings and customer support. These are signs of a budding top-performing online casino that meets not only the standards set by other casinos out there but also the expectations of its players, both existing and potential ones.

Is it worth giving a try? Well, we can say yes to that. With its extremely comprehensive game selection, abundant free spins and other promotions, and accommodating customer support systems; Spinit definitely has the average casino player in mind in its operations.

You should heed a warning, though, when it comes to availing their bonuses or claiming any cash or jackpot prizes. Some comments from disgruntled players might be enough to deter you from actually playing on the site. The key here, however, is to read, read, read the terms and conditions. Well, it goes without saying that reading the terms and conditions of an online casino is extremely important. This is the first step to guarding yourself against any claims the casino might make that you did not expect.

Overall, Spinit presents an enticing playing field for casino lovers and for those who want to try out the world of online casinos. One thing is certain, and it is that there is a very good chance that you will get more than what you deposited when you play on Spinit.

Want the gist? Well, here is a summary of points, good and bad, about Spinit.

Good Points

Points for Improvement

·         Monetary bonus and free spins·         No games exclusively for avid players
·         A wide selection of games for all kinds of casino players·         No phone payment support
·         VIP package promised to players
·         Multiple language support
·         Multiple currency support
·         Effective and enticing branding
·         Lots of promotions

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